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For GOLDEN WEEK , we have two discount coupon.

That issued a discount coupon for 1,000 yen that can be used for purchasing over 10,000 yen.

Issued discount coupon for 3,000 yen, that can be used for purchasing over 20,000 yen.

Regarding the use of coupons, please put your desired items in the cart and proceed to the order screen.

Please enter the following coupon ID in the coupon use column on the order screen.


When it is over 10,000 yen

Coupon ID: gw19

In case of 20,000 yen or more

Coupon ID: gw1930



Para a GOLDEN WEEK, emitimos dois tipos de cupons.

um cupom de desconto de 1.000 ienes que pode ser usado para comprar mais de 10.000 ienes.

Cupom de desconto emitido por 3.000 ienes, que pode ser usado para comprar mais de 20.000 ienes.

Em relação ao uso de cupons, por favor coloque os itens desejados no carrinho e prossiga para a tela de pedidos.

Por favor, insira o seguinte código de cupom na coluna de uso do cupom na tela de pedidos.


Quando é em cima de 10,000 ienes

ID do Cupom: gw19

No caso de 20.000 ienes ou mais

ID do Cupom: gw1930




1- The expiration date will be until 4/26 ~ 5/6/2019

2- One coupon per person will be valid for one time only.

3- Can not use coupons in combination.

4- You can use it online store only.

We are waiting for your order.



1- A data de vencimento será de 26/4 ate 6/5 /2019

2- Um cupom por pessoa será válido por apenas uma vez.

3- Não pode usar cupons em combinação.

4- Você pode usá-lo somente na loja online.

Estamos aguardando seu pedido.

BULL TERRIER New Equipments Available, Focus Mitt,MMA Glove, MMA Sparring Glove arrived.


This Stock Here.



A series of TREINAMENTO newly released from the Bull Terrier brand.

A effective training MMA glove that delivers high quality and low price with its sleek design.

The parts adopt high compression foam, the material is high quality Shintech leather, and the wrist is made in velcro for easy detachment.

Designed for players' comfort and safe fit in mind.


A effective training focus mitt that delivers high quality and low price with its sleek design.

The material is high quality Sintec leather, lightweight design using high compression foam.

2 Shock absorbing layer is adopted, palm ball is fit, mesh fabric is adopted for comfort, and it was designed considering user's comfort and safe fit.


Please make your order here.