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BULL TERRIER New Spats and Long Spats ASHURA Available...


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Spats of BULL TERRIER "Ashura",model that appeared as a new series following the popular MUSHIN, Fujin Raijin, Houou Fight Shorts.

Printed in Asura by the same professional carving design as the Mushin series.

Elastic polyester material specification.

Adjustable cord attached to the waist,With a pocket for attaching a foul cup to the crotch part.

Since the handle is total dye, there is no worry about printing.


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We will be closed for holidays from 30/12/2018 to 03/01/2019


Back to normal from 04/01/2019


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BLACK BULL New Jiu Jitsu Gi Model MACHINE Available...!


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The new type "Black Bull" MACHINE that reminds you of "a watchdog in a hell" to appear by Bull Terrier.


Design by Brazilian designer who worked for Ricardo ・ Arona, Antonio ・ Rodrigo ・ Nogueira etc. who was on a stage of Pride.


Jackets are light and comfortable and being made of 475 gm pearl weave fabric.


Pants are made of the 10oz Ripstop fabric.


There are reinforcing,double stitching and triple stitching at the part of the joint to make it strong.


Due to 100% Pre-Wash processing there are little washing shrinkage.


a special bag.


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For CHRISTMAS , we have a discount coupon.

We that issued a discount coupon for 1,000 yen that can be used for purchasing over 10,000 yen.

Regarding the use of coupons, please put your desired items in the cart and proceed to the order screen.

Please enter the following coupon ID in the coupon use column on the order screen.

When it is over 10,000 yen

Coupon ID: c2018



1- The expiration date will be until 19/12 ~ 25/12/2018

2- One coupon per person will be valid for one time only.

3- Can not use coupons in combination.

4- You can use it online store only.



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