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From BRAZIL KVRA Fight Wear available,New Jiu Jitsu Gi, Belts, Patches, Rash Guard, Spats, T-Shirts, Tank Top, Body Shorts, Cap, Front Door Mat arrived.

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KVRA Jiu Jitsu Gi SHADOW White.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Gi SHADOW Blue.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Gi FUTURE White.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Gi FUTURE Blue.


KVRA Lady`s Jiu Jitsu Gi SOUL White.

KVRA Lady`s Jiu Jitsu Gi SOUL Black.

KVRA Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi ALFA White.

KVRA Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi ALFA Black.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Belt White.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Belt Blue.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Belt Purple.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Belt Brown.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Belt Black.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Patch BONES Black.

KVRA Jiu Jitsu Patch FULL SKULL Black.

KVRA Rash Guard GLORY Long Sleeve Black/Camo.

KVRA Rash Guard ELITE Long Sleeve Black.

KVRA Lady`s Rash Guard GLORY Long Sleeve Black/Camo.

KVRA Long Spats AIR Black/Red.

KVRA Body Shorts HIBRIDA Black.

KVRA T-Shirt ROYAL Black.



KVRA T-Shirt KILLER White.

KVRA T-Shirt SHARK Black/White.

KVRA T-Shirt TAG White.


KVRA Tank Top ROLL Heather Gray.

KVRA Zip Parka EAGLE Black.

KVRA Hoodies Parka LEGENDS White.

KVRA Cap Jiu Jitsu Black/Camo.



KVRA Waist Pouch ARMY Black/Camo.

KVRA Waist Pouch CHECKER Black/White.

KVRA Multi Bag Black / White.

KVRA Multi Bag Gray/Black.

KVRA Multi Bag Black / Green.

KVRA Back Pack DRILL Black/White.

KVRA Back Pack DRILL White/Black.

KVRA Back Pack PUSH Gray/Black.

KVRA Back Pack PUSH Black/Brown.

KVRA Back Pack KIMONO White.

KVRA Front Door Mat FOOT Black/White.


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BULL TERRIER New Jiu Jitsu Gi Available, ST GI 3.0 Arrived


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BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi ST3.0 White

BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi ST3.0 Blue.

BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi ST3.0 Black.


Bull Terrier, simple and affordable models with excellent cost performance are upgraded and reappear.

420 gms pearl weave fabric in jacket,Adopting 10 oz twill fabric with soft touch to pants.

Itis very light and expresses the best comfort.

There is almost no shrinkage due to washing by the 100% prewashing processing of the fabric.


With a special bag of PU material that can be used instead of a laundry bag.

It is convenient to store the waydress wet with sweat after practice.

IBJJF Official Rule Usable.


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For BLACK FRIDAY , we have two discount coupon,that issued a discount coupon for 1,000 yen that can be used for purchasing over 10,000 yen.

Issued discount coupon for 3,000 yen, that can be used for purchasing over 20,000 yen.

Regarding the use of coupons, please put your desired items in the cart and proceed to the order screen.

Please enter the following coupon ID in the coupon use column on the order screen.

When it is over 10,000 yen

Coupon ID: bf18

In case of 20,000 yen or more

Coupon ID: bf1830



1- The expiration date will be until 11/18 ~ 11/30/2018

2- One coupon per person will be valid for one time only.

3- Can not use coupons in combination.

4- You can use it online store and in the shop.

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Para a BLACK FRIDAY, emitimos um cupom de desconto de 1.000 ienes que pode ser usado para comprar mais de 10.000 ienes.

Cupom de desconto emitido por 3.000 ienes, que pode ser usado para comprar mais de 20.000 ienes.

Em relacao ao uso de cupons, por favor coloque os itens desejados no carrinho e prossiga para a tela de pedidos.

Por favor, insira o seguinte codigo de cupom na coluna de uso do cupom na tela de pedidos.

Quando o pedido for acima de 10,000 ienes

ID do Cupom: bf18

No caso de 20.000 ienes ou mais

ID do Cupom: bf1830


1- A data de vencimento sera de 11/18 ate 11/30/2018

2- Um cupom por pessoa sera valido por apenas uma vez.

3- Nao pode usar cupons em combinacao.

4- Voce pode usa-lo na loja online e na loja.

Estamos aguardando seu pedido.

New DVD`s BUDOVIDEOS Available, Cow Catch Em All by AJ Albert and others DVD`S,Blu-ray arrived.

The Cow Catcher is a powerful but lesser known takedown in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world. Originating in catch wrestling, the Cow Catcher is a guillotine with an underhook and can be used in a variety of scenarios. Coming from a wrestling family, AJ Albert is well known in Southern California, having taught here for over 8 years under the tutelage of grappling luminaries such as Cleber Luciano, Erik Paulson, and Tim Cartmell. AJ's simple yet detailed explanations will help convey the skills clearly and succinctly. Following a logical step by step approach, you'll see many different variations depending on opponent's reactions. In no time you too will be cow catching em all!



1) Posture and hand fighting

2) Cowcatcher from head to head level

3) Cowcatcher from head to chest level

4) Cowcatcher from snap down

5) Standing guillotine

6) From guillotine Defense

7) Gi snap down

8) Defeating the 2 on 1

9) From collar tie

10) From sprawl

11) Finish standing

12) Finish from front headlock

13) The rollover

14) Roll to darce

15) Pull the arm & anaconda roll

16) Anaconda sit

17) Farside armbar

18) Nearside armbar

19) Head scissors

20) Triangle

21) Counter with Darce

22) Arm in guillotine

23) Half guard cross choke

24) Brabo

25) Heel hook or ankle lock



26) Outro


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YOKKAO Muay Thai Brand Available,  Muay Thai Shorts, T-Shirts,Protector  and others items arrived.

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There is only a design that appointed a top designer, it is a design that draws a line with other Muay Thai brands, and it is a brand that is currently very popular in the world.

As well as design, we support a large number of Muay Thai world champions classes such as Senn Chai etc. It is also known as a frantic brand.

Yokkao Boxing Shin Guard VERTIGO Black.

Yokkao Boxing Muay Thai Shorts CARBON FIT " APEX Leopard".

Yokkao Boxing T-Shirts RAMAYANA Black.

Yokkao Boxing T-Shirts SERGEANT Black.


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