STORM STRONG Jiu-Jitsu Gi Arashi Blue [ssk-016]

STORM STRONG Jiu-Jitsu Gi Arashi Blue [ssk-016]

Our Selling Price: 21,800JPY(tax included)

Weight: 2000g


Item Description


Type:Jiu Jitsu Gi(the belt is sold separately)



Material:cotton 100%

Jacket:Single weave triple stitch



Product description:A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brand from Londrina, STORM STRONG.

This Gi is IBJJF approved, you may use it at any offical tournament. Since it 's pre-washed, you don't need to worry about the size after washed.


A0 size upper garment dress length 65cm width of a garment 52cm cuff from cuff 144cm cuff width Weight 1.2kg
Pants length 87.5cm width of a garment 46cm thigh width 29cm inseam 67.5cm
A1 size upper garment dress length 71cm width of a garment 53.5cm cuff from cuff 153cm cuff width Weight 1.4kg
Pants length 92cm width of a garment 47.5cm thigh width 31cm inseam 66cm
A2 size 74.5cm Width 58cm cuff from cuff 160cm cuff width 17.5cm Weight 1.6kg
Pants length 99cm width of a garment 53cm thigh width 32.5cm inseam 74.5cm
A3 size upper garment dress length 78cm width of a garment 60.5cm cuff from cuff 165cm cuff width 18.5cm Weight 1.75kg
Pants length 104cm width 59cm thigh width 33.5cm inseam 77.5cm

(Approximate size from the manufacturer)

A0 size height 145cm ~ 160cm / body weight ~ 60kg
A1 Size Height 160cm ~ 175cm / body weight ~ 70kg
A2 Size Height 175cm ~ 185cm / body weight ~ 85kg
A3 size height 185cm ~ 195cm / body weight ~ 95kg
A4 size height 195cm ~ 205cm / body weight ~ 110kg


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