STORM STRONG Jiu-Jitsu Gi Limited Blue [ssk-010]

STORM STRONG Jiu-Jitsu Gi Limited Blue [ssk-010]

Our Selling Price: 17,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g


Type:Jiu Jitsu Gi(the belt is sold separately)



Material:cotton 100%

Jacket:Single weave



Product description:A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brand from Londrina, STORM STRONG.

This Gi is IBJJF approved, you may use it at any offical tournament. Since it 's pre-washed, you don't need to worry about the size after washed.


A0 size Top length 64 cm Width 49 cm Cuffs to cuffs 146.5 cm cuff width 14 cm Weight 1.3 kg
Pants length 93 cm Width 48 cm Thigh width 23 cm Inseam 69 cm

A1 size Top length 70cm width of a garment 53.5cm from cuffs cuffs 158.5cm cuff width 16.5cm weight 1.45kg
Pants length 93 cm Width 48 cm Thigh width 28 cm Inseam 69 cm

A2 size Top Length 72 cm Width 56 cm Cuffs to cuffs 167 cm Cuffs Width 16.5 cm Weight 1.48 kg
Pants length 96 cm Width 52.5 cm Thigh width 30.5 cm Inseam 70.5 cm

A3 size Top Length 77 cm Width 60.5 cm Cuffs to cuffs 171 cm Cuffs Width 18.5 cm Weight 1.65Kg
Pants length 99 cm Width of a garment 56 cm Thigh width 34 cm Inseam 72 cm

(Estimated size from the manufacturer)

A0 size height 145 cm - 160 cm / body weight - 60 kg
A1 size height 160cm - 175cm / body weight - 70kg
A2 size height 175 cm - 185 cm / body weight - 85 kg
A3 size height 185 cm - 195 cm / body weight - 95 kg

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