BLACK BULL Setup Pants Black [bj-445]

BLACK BULL Setup Pants Black [bj-445]

Our Selling Price: 5,500JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 700g

Manufacturer: Black Bull


Color: Black

Material: 100% cotton

Fabric Thickness: Normal

Design: Front · · embroidery / back · · · print

Product Description: BULL TERRIER New series "Black Bull" brand setup pants which inspired the watchdog of Hell.

If it is combined with an optional jacket it will also be set up.


S size waist 65 to 80 cm Width 36 cm Length 97.5 cm Thigh width 25 cm Hem width 11 cm Inseam 68 cm

M size waist 70 ~ 85 cm Width 38 cm Length 98 cm Thigh width 26 cm Hem width 11 cm Inseam 69.5 cm

L size waist 75 ~ 90 cm Width 39.5 cm Length 103.5 cm Thigh width 26 cm Hem width 12 cm Inseam 73 cm

XL size waist 80 - 95 cm Width 42 cm Length 107.5 cm Thigh width 26.5 cm Hem width 13 cm Inseam 76 cm

2XL size waist 85 ~ 100cm width of a garment 43cm dress length 111cm thigh width 27.5cm hem width 13.5cm length of the legs 79cm

(Estimated size)

S size 50kg ~ 60kg

M size 60kg ~ 70kg

L size 70kg ~ 80kg

XL size 80kg ~ 90kg

XXL size 90kg ~ 100kg

Model: Height 178 cm Weight 78 kg wear size L

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