GRACIE MAGAZINE  #154 [wb-168]

GRACIE MAGAZINE  #154 [wb-168]

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Gracie Martial Arts magazine is the company magazine is published every month.

January 2010 issue. English / Portuguese full-length

In this issue, the history of Carlos Gracie was published in 2009 and featured the best fighters and best fight and look back on the year 2009 is featured.


· Face to Face Mendes Hafaeru


- Looking back, 2009


Nath Ji Natural Chica


Carlos Gracie - Special Tribute


Intro Jubeniu sets, family Lessons


Training program Michael & Michelle Rungis Rungis technique


• The pursuit of perfect technique Specials


Fabio Gujeu-secret cover Passaggio Doll (pass guard Fighter)


Training for Warriors


· GM association



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