BULL TERRIER Light Hoodie Parka BM Black [bj-368]

BULL TERRIER Light Hoodie Parka BM Black [bj-368]

Our Selling Price: 6,000JPY(tax included)

Weight: 900g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Bull Terrier

Type: Light Hoodie Parka

Model: BM

Color: Black

Material: 100% cotton

Design: Front silk screen + platinum metal foil print / both sleeves: silk screen print

Product Description: Light Hoodie Parka from the martial arts brand Bull Terrier.

On the front, the bull terrier standard box logo blue version is printed with a luxurious metal foil printed box logo.

It is light and comfortable using 8.4oz fabric.

*Precautions for handling special prints

This wear uses a special print, so please be sure to pay attention to the following points.

・When washing, please turn the clothes inside out.

・Because foil prints are sensitive to heat, please keep the water temperature below 20℃.

・The hot air from the dryer may cause the print to come off, so please do not use the dryer and allow it to dry naturally.

・Avoid washing with bleach.

・Dry cleaning is not possible.

・When ironing, please do not apply the iron directly to the printed part.

・Avoid storing in hot and humid places.

・Avoid storing in a polyethylene bag.

・As it may be discolored by acid or alkali, do not let it come into contact with clothing containing these substances.

・Do not use chlorine-based insect repellents.


S size Length 64cm / Width 47cm / Shoulder width 41cm / Sleeve length 61cm

M size Length 67cm / Width 50cm / Shoulder width 44cm / Sleeve length 62cm

L size Length 70cm / Width 53cm / Shoulder width 47cm / Sleeve length 63cm

XL size Length 73cm / Width 56cm / Shoulder width 50cm / Sleeve length 63cm

XXL size Length 76cm / Width 59cm / Shoulder width 53cm / Sleeve length 64cm

(approximate size)

S size 50kg-60kg

M size 60kg-70kg

L size 70kg-80kg

XL size 80kg-90kg

2XL size 90kg-100kg

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