Athlete X MMA glove METALIC Green [ath-431]

Athlete X MMA glove METALIC Green [ath-431]

Our Selling Price: 7,800JPY(tax included)

Weight: 500g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Athlete X

Type: MMA glove


Material: green

(Measurement by estimate)
*The most longest size for both length and width.
*In the color of the tag,it could be different from the picture.
*In the bag of the Glove sewing defects could be identified sometimes.

XS size length approximately 19.5 cm side approximately 11 cm

S size vertical about 20 cm side about 12 cm

M size length approximately 21.5 cm side approximately 12.5 cm

L size Vertical about 22 cm Side about 13 cm

"New MMA Glove by "Athlete X" in NZ"
• Leather
• Layered Foam to assist with Shock Absorption
• Velcro Strap

The Design: Heavy Metal - Inspired by Precious Metal
Metallic - Black Base Leather

Perfect for the those wanting a light functional glove with style, premium quality.
These gloves are made from LEATHER not Leatherette or other Vinyls sometimes termed as 'Leather' or 'Skin' or both.

Premium Quality Print and Leather that will outlast artificial Leather gloves.

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