GRACIE MAGAZINE #230 [wb-244]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #230 [wb-244]

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Weight: 300g


· Editorial balance is all

· Inbox

· The Big Picture Marcelo Garcia and Sergio Moraes

· Nutrition or become clean when Facts eating clean food?

· Pecipe Book Salt pancake

· Get ​​Fit grip strengthening

· One on One Man on a mission Gary Tonan

Wrestling lessons high single leg

· Life why I or roll? Anthony Borden 59-year-old author · TV talent

· BJJ Trends

Competition New York Spring International 2016

All · On the Mat or submission only or no submission

Cover story The smart and tough guy Ralph Gracie

Tre training program Ralph Gracie techniques

Competition World Pro Jiu 2016 Special Features

Change the training range of motion for the warrior

· GMA Arena World Professional Jiu-Jitsu 2016

· GMA Arena Marianasu Open 2016

· GMA class

· GMA News Room

· GMA members

Of - throw back page Cyborg new chapter

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