GRACIE MAGAZINE # 229 [wb-243]

GRACIE MAGAZINE # 229 [wb-243]

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GRACIE MAGAZINE #229 is out. We highlight the many ways Jiu-Jitsu helps kids deal with life’s challenges, on and off the mats.

We bring you uplifting stories of how the gentle art is empowering the little ones all over the globe.

We also let parents what is important to look for before choosing the right class for their children.

Other than that, we have the complete coverage of the 2016 Pan, Royce Gracie’s return to MMA and Neiman Gracie on his promising career in the cage.

We also have a new columnist in Sophia Drysdale and all the usual attractions like Martin Rooney, Angela Gracie, Michelle Alencar, and many more.

Main contents

· Editorial realistic life of magic potion

· Inbox

· One on One young blood Neyman Gracie

· Nutrition Facts hard trainer, muscle-up and good recovery

· Pecipe Book mix salad

· Get Fit fix the waist and back of the guard player

· The Big Picture bygone era

New York International Pro

· Life why I or roll? Sheryl Kossha 48-year-old

Champion Chipusu Stuff of Legend Kazushi Sakuraba technique

· The other does not fear the monster Jiu Kids Special Features

Competition PAN2016

Training combination attack for the warrior

· GMA Arena PAN2016

· GMA profile

· GMA class

· GMA News Room

· GMA members

Throw back page Pioneering times

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