GRACIE MAGAZINE #221 [wb-235]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #221 [wb-235]

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GRACIE MAGAZINE Gracie Magazine # 221

It is a martial arts magazine Gracie Magazine, Inc. has been published monthly.

September 2015. Full-length English.

· One on One On the road again Hafaeru Lobato JR

· Big Picture Hafa Mendes VS Mario Heisu

· Nutrition facts truth of the weakening of the precursor steroid supplements

· Recipe Book chicken Enpa Nahda

· Champion's Tip leg lock invisible

- This month's takedown deformation pay waist

· Life to me why you roll? Lee Flores (Financial Manager)

Cover it up your defense force Joa~o Gabriel Rocha

Techniques Joa~o Gabriel Rocha escape technique

Training program Vu~ikuto Estima technique

Coverage explosion from the past and the glory

Training band training for warriors

And advertising BJJ trend

· GMA profile

· GMA Special report

· GMA News Room

· GMA members

- Slow back page Paulo Miyao

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