GRACIE MAGAZINE #223 [wb-237]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #223 [wb-237]

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GRACIE MAGAZINE Gracie Magazine # 223

It is a martial arts magazine Gracie Magazine, Inc. has been published monthly.

November 2015. Full-length English.

· Big Picture Lucio Ragaruto VS Bushessha

· Nutrition Facts Performance Boost Super Food

· Pecipe Book Vegetable Tower

· One on One Mats unknown

· Life to me why you roll? Jamie Boytor (US Army Specialist)

· Judo Month takedown deformation small outer mowing

Asia Open 2015

Spotlight Words of wisdom

· Grand Slam Tokyo

· Champion's Tip Deadly embrace

Cover story Gentle Arts Supremacy ADCC Brazil Featured

Training program No Shortcuts Marcio Feitosa techniques

Training TFW push-up pyramid for warriors

· GMA Special report

· GMA profile

· GMA News Room

· GMA class

· GMA members

- Slow back page The Last Photo

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