Fuji Sports Ladies Jiu-jitsu Gi Sekai Women’s Blue [fsk-156]

Fuji Sports Ladies Jiu-jitsu Gi Sekai Women’s Blue [fsk-156]

Our Selling Price: 19,800JPY(tax included)

Weight: 2000g


Item Description

FUJI Sekai Women’s BJJ Blue/Teal Sekai means "World" in Japanese. This authentic & IBJJF Approved BJJ Gi from FUJI Sports was designed for serious performance and as a tribute to the world of BJJ. Inside print features some of the most popular areas where BJJ is widely practiced. The women's Sekai also features the Japanese Kanji "Onna", meaning "Woman". This gi features a women's cut which includes a tapered waist, sleeves and pants.


Lightweight fabric ideal for BJJ weigh-ins
Triple reinforced rip stop pants
Stiff collar with extra rows of stitching
Bungee cord drawstring
Contrast stitching
Women's cut and available in size W0.


W0 size ependymal Length 67.5cm Width 48.5cm cuff from cuff 147cm cuff width 15.5cm

Pants length 89.5cm width of a garment 50cm thigh width 28cm inseam 65.5cm

It weighs about 1.35kg

W1 size upper garment dress length 70cm width of a garment 50.5cm cuff 156cm cuff width from cuffs 15.5cm

Pants length 94cm width of a garment 51.5cm thigh width 31cm inseam 68.5cm

It weighs about 1.5kg

W2 size upper garment dress length 71cm width of a garment 54cm cuff from cuff 157.5cm cuff width 15.5cm

Trousers 96cm width of a garment 53.5cm thigh width 32.5cm inseam 70cm

It weighs about 1.55kg

W3 size ependymal Length 73cm Width 57cm cuff from cuff 162cm cuff width 16cm

Pants length 98cm width of a garment 56cm thigh width 34.5cm inseam 70cm

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