BULL TERRIER T-Shirt 3D LOGO Black [bj-471]

BULL TERRIER T-Shirt 3D LOGO Black [bj-471]

Our Selling Price: 4,400JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g

Manufacturer: BULL TERRIER

Type: T-shirt

Model: 3D Logo

Color: Black

Material: 35% cotton 65% polyester

Product Description: T-shirt from BULL TERRIER, Premium line with a 3D logo on the front.

Adopting a mixed fabric that is hard to lose shape due to the texture of the cotton material, realizes comfortable wearing and high functionality.


S size Length 64cm / Width 46.5cm / Shoulder 45cm / Sleeve length 20cm
M size Length 65cm / Width 50cm / Shoulder 46cm / Sleeve length 20.5cm
L size Length 69.5cm / Width 52.5cm / Shoulder 46.5cm / Sleeve length 21.5cm
XL size Length 73.5 cm / Width 57 cm / Shoulder 49 cm / Sleeve length 21.5 cm
XXL size Length 77cm / Width 60cm / Shoulder 54cm / Sleeve length 24.5cm

(Size guide)

S size 50kg-60kg
M size 60kg-70kg
L size 70kg-80kg
XL size 80kg-90kg
XXL size 90kg-100kg

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