DVD Charles Gasper 1 Step Closer To Modern Jiu-Jitsu [vv-170]

DVD Charles Gasper 1 Step Closer To Modern Jiu-Jitsu [vv-170]

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Item Description

Single layer DVD - 1 disc
107 minutes

■Modern Side
The Berimbolo Breakers 2013 PM models
The Real TT Pass
The Real TT Pass Half Breaker
50/50 Baster 2013 PM models
Tiger Victory 50/50 Sweep
Tiger Cambalhota Back
T Quarter Breaker
Tiger's Pain
Tiger Tornado Pass

■Tiger Side

●Pass guard
Cross Tiger
Beauty Tiger Goes To Passguard
Tiger Toreador , Grab and Roll His Body
Closed Breaker
Closed Breaker Variations
Good-Bye DLRG
Good-Bye DLRG Gracefully
Good-Bye DLRG High,High,High,
Tiger Hurricane Turn
Tiger Hurricane Armbar
Tiger Doubleunder Back
Tiger Doubleunder Armbar
Tiger Horizontal Doubleunder Pass

●Lassp & Spider
Tiger Basic Lasso
Tanq Lasso
Imperial Lasso
Tiger Elavator
Tiger X
Tiger Compressional Setting Sweep
Tiger Victory Triangle
Niagara Sweep
Tiger Spiderring OMO
ike a Crucifix Choke
Treador SpiderBaster
Doubleunder SpiderBaster
Biceps SpiderBaster
Leg Drag SpiderBaster
Keenan Baster

●Take Down
Tiger Baiana from Grip
Tiger Baiana No knee on ground
Tiger Baiana Outside Cut
Tiger Baiana Inside Cut
Tiger SeoiScrew
Three Times Beauty Tiger
Tiger StandScrew
GuardPull Killa

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