GRACIE MAGAZINE #140 [wb-154]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #140 [wb-154]

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Weight: 200g

Gracie Martial Arts magazine is the company magazine is published every month.

November 2008. English / Portuguese full-length


Renzo Gracie 1.AGENDA documents, other

Fabio Leopoldo 2 positive and false.

Special 3.NO-GI PAN

National 4.US 2008

95 5-year-old birthday. Helio Gracie

Page 6 of life. Sergio Moraes

Techniques 7. Training program Sergio Moraes

Shanji 8.MMA Ribeiro

9. SPECIAL lessons

10.GM association

Training for the Warrior 11.

12. Gracie Diet

13. Points of view

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