BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Belt Yellow/Black [bjk-834]

BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Belt Yellow/Black [bjk-834]

Our Selling Price: 2,200JPY(tax included)

Weight: 200g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Bull Terrier Fight Gear

Type: Jiu Jitsu Belt

Color: Yellow / Black

Product introduction: Bullterrier Jiu Jitsu belt. This belt can be worn by those who are under 16 years old and have been promoted.

Kids size from M1 to M4, adult size from A0.

Estimated size: We recommend one size above the size of the jiu-jitsu gi being worn.
※ (Example) Gi size M1 belt size M2

the manufacturer 1-3 image model.


M1 size around 195 cm
M2 size around 200 cm
M3 size around 225 cm
M4 size around 235 cm
A0 size around 245 cm
A1 size around 260 cm
A2 size around 280 cm
A3 size around 300 cm

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