DVD Jiu Jitsu Priest by HASHIMOTO KINYA BJJ Technique collection Vol.1 [vv-188]

DVD Jiu Jitsu Priest by HASHIMOTO KINYA BJJ Technique collection Vol.1 [vv-188]

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Item Description

1DVD 106min

Include 14 famous BJJ Top players and 45 techniques.

Recording technique:

1.Marcos Souza:

Sweep from half spider guard

Pass guard from half spider guard

Armbar from side mount position

2.Roberto Souza:

Sweep from open guard

Delariva guard Pass

Ezekiel choke from side mount position

3.Kleber Koike:

Sweep from Delariva guard

Armbar from pass guard

4.Paul & Joao miyao:

Back take from Delariva guard

Back take from deep half guard

5.Abmar Barbosa:

Triangle choke from spider guard

Triangle choke from spider guard(2)

Sweep from spider guard

Back take from spider guard

6.Haul Montolfo:

Armbar from cross guard

Choke from cross guard

Triangle from cross guard

7.Cristiano Kaminishi:

Turtle guard break and get side mount position

Turtle guard break and get side mount position(2)

Turtle guard break and get Back take

8.Nakatsuka Yasuto:

Half guard pass

Sweep from reverse Delariva guard

Choke from mount position

Back take from mount position when opponent defence

Ankle lock from top position

Ankle lock from knee on the vale

9.Makoto Ogasawara:

Under guard pass

Back tack from Under guard pass

Choke from Under guard pass

10.Kataoka Masato:

Sweep from arm lock

Sweep from arm lock(2)

Sweep from half guard

Sweep from half guard(2)

Sweep from half guard(3)

11.Yamauchi Kang Yue:

Ippon Seoinage

Hook sweep

Hook sweep(2)

Ezekiel choke Counter

12.Shimizu Zong yuan:

Loop Choke

Loop Choke(2)

Sitting guard Loop Choke

13.Takashi Ouchi

Ankle lock from spider guard

Triceps lock from side mount position

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