GRACIE MAGAZINE #190 [wb-204]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #190 [wb-204]

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Weight: 200g


Item Description

· Face to Face Grandmaster Robson Gracie

· Intro The Best of 2012

A new beginning and the end

Fight to eliminate the pressure

DJ Jackson How do you want to do a total strikes avoided Grappling Total? It is to eliminate the hesitation!

Jiu-Jitsu for panic

Practice and with a purpose White Pages

IBJJF Competition Pro League

Mission Ricardo cover flange arm bar technique ー ニャ

· UFC UFC154 Georges St. Pierre VS Carlos Condit

Jiu-Evans interview Patsurashado best fun in MMA

Gabriel Brothers & Hafaeru-Marangoni finish techniques from mount training program

Training for Warriors training plate

Long Beach Open Class Association GMA & IBJJF Pro League

GMA class Dionisios Vineyard "Dorakurino" Magaryaesu

Heart Black Belt Special Report



Anthology Antonio "Minotauro" Rodrigo Nogueira VS Dan Henderson

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