GRACIE MAGAZINE #179 [wb-193]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #179 [wb-193]

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Mouth and Face to Face Marco Gracie first defense

INTRO courage

Five basic right diet

That Leka Vieira learned in Jiu-Jitsu

The importance of learning the basics of self-defense White Pages

How do you use a mount escape?

Advice for the home from rehab Jiu Doctor


· CHOKE MMA Jon Jones

Roy Nelson Profile

UFC Rio convention

· Dossier The Art Of The Takedown

Second, with the Special if your Napoleon

10 basic knowledge of the leaders of the Jiu cover story should know

Training programs Fernando "terere" technique

• Enhanced training for the Warrior trunk

Association GMA WPJJ Arena Mexico Central America Trial

Special Report



Anthology Ricardo de la Hiba VS Furejison-Paishaon

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