GRACIE MAGAZINE #178 [wb-192]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #178 [wb-192]

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GRACIE MAGAZINE Gracie Magazine # 178

Gracie Martial Arts magazine is the company magazine is published every month.

February 2012. Full-length English.

Face to Face-body-Magaryaesugomu Binishiusu

INTRO meat-harm it?

See Europe

Learn in sparring

Method of water supply


Players to Watch in 2012

Jiu-Jitsu and MMA pro surfer, Kelly Slater

-A source of inspiration CHOKE MMA Matt Hamill Profile

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson Interview

Jon Jones


Mendes Brothers Jiu acrobatic techniques Dossier

· Elections The Best Of 2011

Leo Nogueira technique training program

Strengthening and training of the trunk for the warrior

GMA Arena Association Texas Trial WPJJ

GMA Arena Michigan Nogi Championship

GMA class Marcelo Ribeiro In Nashville



Ho Jah Anthology Gracie VS Faburisshio-U~erudo~umu

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