KEIKO Muay Thai Shorts Black [ke2-281]

KEIKO Muay Thai Shorts Black [ke2-281]

Our Selling Price: 6,000JPY(tax included)

Weight: 150g


Item Description

Manufacturer: KEIKO

Type: Muay Thai Shorts

Color: Black

Material: 100% polyester

Design: Elastic waist

* Waist (width) is the size when placed flat.

Since it is made of rubber, it has an elongation width of about 15 cm.


S size Waist 70cm-85cm Width 38cm Length 41cm Hem width 35.5cm

M size Waist 75cm-90cm Width 39cm Length 43cm Hem width 37cm

L size Waist 80cm-95cm Width 40cm Length 44.5cm Hem width 37.5cm

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