HAYABUSA Boxing Gloves T3 Black [hb-799]

HAYABUSA Boxing Gloves T3 Black [hb-799]

Our Selling Price: 20,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 1200g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Hayabusa Fight Wear

Type: Boxing Glove

Model: T3

Color: Black

T3 Boxing Gloves are recognized as the most advanced and protective gloves in the world. Renowned for its wrist support, T3 features two interlocking straps for a superb fit every time. Its ergonomic design was developed to protect and align your hands with each strike, empowering you to train with confidence. Experience Hayabusa’s award-winning boxing gloves backed by a decade of research.

Dual-X interlocking wrist straps deliver a comfortable & precise fit
World renowned splinted support provides perfect wrist alignment
Multi-layered technology foam composition supplies ultimate knuckle protection
Virtually indestructible Vylar exterior provides unparalleled resilience
Ultra soft temperature regulating lining keeps your hands cool
Microfiber thumb allows you to wipe away sweat
Handcrafted using extraordinary materials

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