GRACIE MAGAZINE #176 [wb-190]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #176 [wb-190]

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Face to Face - come back to Andre Gauba~ontoppu

· INTRO guard position is the savior of the weak.

San Jose war

Black belt came from Russia

10 Advice from Renzo Gracie to learn from Sun Tzu

A how-to mug Gracie


· CHOKE MMA Profile Travis "Hapa" Brownie

King Mo loser in life

Jiu house until the MMA fighter

· Special Pan Nogi Championship

André The Lion Heart Special ADCC2011

Training program Leandro Lo technique

Tabata Training Sod message for the warrior

American National Association GMA Arena

GMA International Arena London

Pete GMA class U~iruhamu



Anthology Carlos Gracie JR

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