GRACIE MAGAZINE #175 [wb-189]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #175 [wb-189]

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  · Face to Face Mendes Giryerumi

  Russian ice hockey star INTRO, start training Jiu-Jitsu.

Sweets to eat before training

  Frequently students jujitsu

  Find gym conditions


  Anniversary - 15th Anniversary of Gracie Magazine

  · CHOKE MMA Strikeforce
Profile "Ben Henderson"

  UFC Rio

  Russia-Trip Feature

  Al Monterey Open Competition, Canada

  Advice from the king and a common mistake in a game in a game studies white belt Dossier

  Training program Chiron Gracie technique

  Training for Warriors circuit tire

  Association GMA Arena Open IBJJF Chicago Open & Boston

Special Report · NABJJF tournament



  Anthology Royler Gracie VS John Hoki

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