GRACIE MAGAZINE #174 [wb-188]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #174 [wb-188]

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Weight: 200g


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  · Face to Face Gabi Garcia

  Next month, INTRO, in Russia jujutsu

Ten Tips for a better life

  What are they saying?


  Beach Training Workout

  · CHOKE MMA UFC GSP next Rory "Ares" MacDonald

"Fuss" King quarrel Profile "Marco"

Interview Cruz de Minnick 

  Lessons from the last chapter, Special Best of the Best

  · IBJJF Las Vegas Open

  Krag profiles Geo Franca

  · Dossier vice grips

  Kyra Gracie training program technique

  · To perfect your shoulder training for the Warrior

  GMA-kings of arena Rio

GMA Class Eduardo Santos



  Anthology Braulio Estima-VS Andre Gauba~on

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