GRACIE MAGAZINE #173 [wb-187]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #173 [wb-187]

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GRACIE MAGAZINE Gracie Magazine # 173

Gracie Martial Arts magazine is the company magazine is published every month.

  September 2011 issue. Full-length English.


  · Face to Face Hodo~ufo Vieira

  INTRO-style bullfighting

  Shaolin is the cartoon character

  Power of guava


  The King's Night of World Jiu-Jordan

  · Enter the back of the enemy CHOKE MMA

Hope of hope

Interview with Antonio "Big Foot" Silva

  · A paper on how to start Specials

  Lessons by the best of the best cover article

  • 30 lessons from 30 games guide

  Robert Drysdale technique training program

  Rope Training Training for Warriors

  Welcome to Arena-GMA Arizona

GMA class files Ha El Hozendo



  History of the anthology BJ Penn

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