GRACIE MAGAZINE #171 [wb-185]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #171 [wb-185]

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GRACIE MAGAZINE Gracie Magazine # 171

Gracie Martial Arts magazine is the company magazine is published every month.

  July 2011 issue. Full-length English.

  Report of Abu Dhabi and professional American Cup, in this issue are articles published in chalk UFC129 MMA!

  In addition, the technique is jujutsu techniques by Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro is introduced.


  · INTRO Royal Training

  To learn in the white band

  Players praise

Who raise the ADCC

  · IBJJF New York Open

  · CHOKE MMA submission machine Travis "Ironman" Fulton

  Interview remodeling Wanderlei Silva



  American Cup

  Abu Dhabi World Pro Feature ·

  • How to remain calm to teach kings cover story

  Vitoria-Shaolin training program

  Training hurdles Training for Warriors

  Medal-winning USA GMA Arena

Ho Hafaeru Townsend technique



  Amauri · · Bitetchi judge the anthology Three King Fabio Gujeu VS Renzo Gracie

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