GRACIE MAGAZINE #168 [wb-182]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #168 [wb-182]

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Gracie Martial Arts magazine is the company magazine is published every month.

April 2011 issue. Full-length English.

Special bread Championship 2011, Anderson Silva featured in chalk MMA, Jorge articles in this issue, which is Saint-Pierre and P4P MMA world has published more!

In addition, in the training program, open guard techniques by Ajiuson "Bitta" has been introduced.


· Face to Face The bulldozer Ali Farias

· INTRO Abu Dhabi

Classics season

Trust Your Professor


2011 Pan-Feature Competition

Feature-CHOKE MMA Anderson Silva

Gallery Fedor VS Antonio Silva

Strike Force

Taco Jane Jason "Mayhem" Miller Backstage

GSP-featured cover story

GSP technique

Training program アジ Woo "Bitta" open guard attack

Training for Warriors

· GM GMA Arena Association

GMA class Addo Aldo Santos



Anthology Fabry ッ salt Vu~e~udo~umu Gracie VS Housu

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