GRACIE MAGAZINE #166 [wb-180]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #166 [wb-180]

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Gracie Martial Arts magazine is the company magazine is published every month.


February 2011. Full-length English.


In this issue of PUREBRED Soteroporosu original George and familiar, Minoru Tavares article we are currently working in Australia also posted in Japan!

In addition, in the training program seems lightweight technique by world-class champion Bruno Maufashini Gallo is introduced.





· Face to Face


· INTRO Honaudo-Jakare


Combat Machine "Augustus" Tankinyo "Mendes


Basic items of white belt


Escape from Omopuratta


I can not forget the day-gallery


Special Healing Tyler


George Soteroporosu profiles


· ABC's Almanac UFC




Lessons Learned in 2010 recollection


Cover Story - Cain Velasquez


Training programs Bruno Maufashini


Bear-risk training for a warrior!


Other GM association Managing chip Minoru Tavares


GMA class action learning






Anthology Saulo Ribeiro VS Fabio Gujeu

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