BULL TERRIER Curve Kick Mitts 2P Set BASIC [bj-831]

BULL TERRIER Curve Kick Mitts 2P Set BASIC [bj-831]

Our Selling Price: 14,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 1400g


Item Description

Manufacturer: BULL TERRIER

Type: Curved kick mitts set (left and right)

Model: Basic

Color: (1) White/black, (2) Black/white

Material: PU leather

Product description: From the Bull Terrier Basic series, which is popular for its high quality and low price, comes a high-quality, sophisticated design kick mitt that is light and easy to hold.

Ergonomically designed to withstand all punches, kicks, knees and strikes from any professional fighter.

Made of high-quality, durable, high-grade PU leather, easy to clean and maintain.

The triple layer foam pad absorbs shock, and the ultra-lightweight design reduces strain on the hands.

The large Velcro system makes it easy to put on and take off, and provides a secure fit to prevent wrist injuries.


Length approx. 32cm

Width approx. 20cm

Thickness approx. 10cm / 12cm at center

Weight approx. 650g / each side

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