BULL TERRIER Punching Gloves 2.0 White [bj-699]

BULL TERRIER Punching Gloves 2.0 White [bj-699]

Our Selling Price: 4,500JPY(tax included)

Weight: 500g


Item Description

Manufacturer: BULL TERRIER

Type: Punching Gloves 2.0

Set: Left and Right set

Color: White

Material: Synthetic Leather

Product information: Introducing low-priced, high-quality punching gloves from the martial arts brand Bull Terrier.

Punching gloves for training with excellent cost performance that realize high quality and low price.

Suitable for punching bags and mitts in boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, etc.


S size total length 19cm, knuckle width 10.5cm

M size total length 20cm, knuckle width 11cm

L size total length 21cm, knuckle width 11.5cm

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