BULL TERRIER MMA Gloves BASIC 6oz Black [bj-683]

BULL TERRIER MMA Gloves BASIC 6oz Black [bj-683]

Our Selling Price: 5,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 500g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Bull Terrier

Type: MMA Gloves (Mixed Martial Arts Pound Gloves)

Model: Basic

Color: Black

Material: PU leather

Product description: A low priced, high quality mixed martial arts MMA glove Basic model from the martial arts brand Bull Terrier.

Simple and timeless design, MMA gloves for training with excellent cost performance that achieves high quality and low price. It can be used widely from mitt hitting to sparring in mixed martial arts. The 6oz specification with a thick cushion allows for both grappling and striking.

High quality and durable high grade PU leather is used for easy maintenance.

Triple layer foam padding protects your fists and opponents from injury.

The large Velcro system makes it easy to put on and take off the gloves, ensuring a secure fit and preventing wrist injuries.


S size: total length 20.5 cm, total width 11 cm, pad thickness 4 cm

M size: total length 22.5 cm, total width 11.5 cm, pad thickness 4 cm

L size: total length 25 cm, total width 12.5 cm, pad thickness 4 cm

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