KORAL Rashguard Camo Selva Long Sleeve Black [koo-015]

KORAL Rashguard Camo Selva Long Sleeve Black [koo-015]

Our Selling Price: 6,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g


Item Description

Manufacturer: KORAL

Type: Rash guard long sleeve

Model: Camo Selva

Color: Black

Product Description: Rashguard from Brazil top fight brand KORAL.

Description from the manufacturer: Made of high quality fabrics and technology, it fits perfectly to your body with a compression balance that helps prevent cramps and muscle strain. It also prevents excessive sweating and dries quickly.

Ensures athlete comfort and freedom of movement.

The perfect rash guard for training and games.

UV cut makes it ideal for outdoor sports.


S size Length 63cm Width 45cm Sleeve length 67cm

M size Length 66cm Width 46cm Sleeve length 67cm

L size Length 69cm Width 50cm Sleeve length 68cm

XL size Length 71cm Width 51cm Sleeve length 70cm

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