BULL TERRIER Ladies Bra Top Black [bj-620]

BULL TERRIER Ladies Bra Top Black [bj-620]

Our Selling Price: 5,500JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Bull Terrier Fight Gear

Type: Women's Bra Top


Color: Black

Material: 100% polyester

Product Description: A new women's bra top (sports bra) from the martial arts brand BULL TERRIER.

The stretchy polyester material provides a snug fit and a firm fit.
Wide cut on the ribs are used in the under bust area to support, you can use in yoga, fitness and running, but also intense training.

With bra cup.

The pattern is completely dyed, so there is no need to worry about the print coming off.


XS size Length 26.5 cm / Side opening 14 cm / Top bust 31 cm / Under bust 26.5 cm

S size Length 28 cm / Side opening 14.5 cm / Top bust 33.5 cm / Under bust 27 cm

M size Length 29cm / Side opening 15cm / Top bust 34.5cm / Under bust 28cm

L size Length 30cm / Side opening 16.5cm / Top bust 36cm / Under bust 30cm

XL size Length 31 cm / Side opening 18 cm / Top bust 37 cm / Under bust 31 cm

(approximate size)

XS size Top bust 67-75 cm Under bust 56-65 cm

S size Top bust 72-80 cm Under bust 61-69 cm

M size Top bust 76-85 cm Under bust 65-74 cm

L size Top bust 81-90 cm Under bust 70-79 cm

XL size Top bust 86-95 cm Under bust 75-84 cm

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