BULL TERRIER Training Shirts TRADITIONAL Black [bj-400]

BULL TERRIER Training Shirts TRADITIONAL Black [bj-400]

Our Selling Price: 4,400JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g


Item Description

Manufacturer: BULL TERRIER

Type: Training T-shirt

Model: Traditional

Color: Black

Material: 100% polyester

Product Description: BULL TERRIER training T-shirt.

Three dimensional cut design for ease of movement during training.
Adopts stretchy fabric to provide comfort and high functionality.
It dries quickly, so sweat dries quickly.


XS size Length 62cm / Width 43cm / Sleeve length 31cm

S size Length 67cm / Width 45cm / Sleeve length 32cm

M size Length 69cm / Width 49cm / Sleeve length 34cm

L size Length 74cm / Width 51cm / Sleeve length 36cm

XL size Length 79cm / Width 56cm / Sleeve length 39cm

2XL size Length 81cm / Width 58cm / Sleeve length 40cm

3XL size Length 84cm / Width 62cm / Sleeve length 43cm

(Size guide)

XS size 40kg - 50kg

S size 50kg - 60kg

M size 60kg - 70kg

L size 70kg - 80kg

XL size 80kg - 90kg

2XL size 90kg - 100kg

3XL size 100kg - 120kg

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