SUNRISE Jiu Jitsu Belt Brown [snrs-503]

SUNRISE Jiu Jitsu Belt Brown [snrs-503]

Our Selling Price: 1,540JPY(tax included)

Retail Price: 2,200JPY

Weight: 200g


Item Description

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Manufacturer: Sunrise

Type: Jiu-jitsu Belt

Color: Brown

Material: 100% cotton

Product Description: Jiu-jitsu belt from the Chinese fight brand "Sunrise".

* There may be some errors due to products made overseas.

Because it is an overseas product, there may be frayed sewing and distortion of embroidery.

Please note that the inspection is based on the standards of overseas manufacturers before applying for purchase.


A0 size 240 cm

A2 size 275 cm

A3 size 300 cm

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