UFC MAYA PU Speed Bag Black / Red [ufc-901]

UFC MAYA PU Speed Bag Black / Red [ufc-901]

Our Selling Price: 5,500JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g

Manufacturer: UFC

Type: Speed Bag

Model: MAYA PU

Color: Black / Red

Material: PU leather

Size: 25.4 cm x 17.8 cm

Product Description: The World's Largest Mixed Martial Arts Event UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship]

It is a speed bag.

Product Description from Manufacturer: The Maya PU Speed ​​Bag is a cheaper version of the UFC Leather Speed ​​Bag.

Made from the same durable inner bladder and properly weighted for quick rebounds, training with this speed bag can improve speed and responsiveness.

Made of high quality Maya PU construction, you can trust it in your daily training.

The UFC is an undisputed global icon in the martial arts world, inspiring fans and athletes through fighter fighters who perform well both inside and outside the Octagon.

These products are well designed for beginners to professionals.

・ PU structure

-Ultra durable inner bag.

-A quick rebound to build hand-eye coordination.

-Long life design.

-Use the UFC Maya Speed Bag to enhance rhythm, hand speed and adjustment.

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