DURO Jiu Jitsu Belt White [bjk-802]

DURO Jiu Jitsu Belt White [bjk-802]

Our Selling Price: 2,200JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g


Item Description

Manufacturer: DURO

Type: Jiu Jitsu Belt

Color: White

Product Introduction: DURO Fight brand, New Jiu Jitsu Belt was born as a new brand from Bull Terrier.
It is usually the first belt to roll after starting jiu-jitsu.

Kids size from M1 to M4 and adult size from A0.

Estimated size:

For general men, we recommend the same size as the Jiu-jitsu clothing that you normally wear, one size lower for slender people, and one size larger for those with a solid body shape.

For general women, we recommend one size larger than the Jiu-jitsu gi that you normally wear, the same size for slender people, and two sizes larger for those with a solid body shape.


M0 size around 190cm
M1 size around 200cm
M2 size around 215cm
M3 size around 225cm
M4 size around 235cm
A0 size around 245cm
A1 size around 260cm
A2 size around 280cm
A3 size around 300cm
A4 size around 320cm

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