PRIDE or DIE Muay Thai Shorts UNLEASHED White [pod-181]

PRIDE or DIE Muay Thai Shorts UNLEASHED White [pod-181]

Our Selling Price: 7,000JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g


Item Description

Manufacturer: PRiDEorDiE

Type: Muay Thai Shorts


Color: white

Material: 100% polyester

PRiDEorDiE is stepping into the Thaï Boxe rings and it's going to make some noise!
The "Unleashed" Muay Thaï shorts features every mandatory aspects needed to practice this ancestral martial art, bringing an authentic design, pure and effective, PoD style. You'll be able to move comfortably with style!
Nak-muays, it is time to showcase your best Ram Muay and get what you aim for!


XS size West 60 ~ 80 cm Length 31 cm Hem width 31.5 cm
S size West 70 ~ 90 cm Length 33.5 cm Hem width 33.5 cm
M size West 80 ~ 100 cm Length 36 cm Hem Width 33.5 cm
L size West 90 ~ 110 cm Length 39 cm Hem width 35.5 cm

- Traditional large belt enhancing comfort and support
- Rounded cut and fit for a better mobility and optimal comfort
- Lateral mesh pieces to increase ventilation process
- Fully patched and embroidered
- Sublimated designs and paterns

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