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New Jiu jitsu gi BLACK BULL Ver 5.0 Available.

The new series of Bull Terrier from the inspiration "Black Bull", Ver5.0 model.

Design by Brazilian designer who designed, Ricardo · Arona, Antonio · Rodrigo · Nogueira etc. who was active in Pride.

Jacket is light and comfortable 475 gm pearl weave fabric, pants adopt 10 oz Ripstop fabric.

Reinforcement & double stitching at the joint and triple stitching are applied to make it heavy

. Design is given to the part lining shoulder to the lining.

Fabric is 100% prewash finish and there is little shrinkage due to washing.

New size will appear and match various body types.

With a special bag, Dont miss it.


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BULL TERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi Black Bull Ver 5.0 White.

BULL TERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi Black Bull Ver 5.0 Blue.

BULL TERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi Black Bull Ver 5.0 Black.


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DVD The Cath Wrestling Formula Neil Melanson.

DVD: 4 sheets set.


Region: All Region.

Language: English.


Legendary Head Coach Of The Blackzillians MMA Team, Neil MelansonHas Simple & Easy To Use Catch Wrestling Techniques That Work Wonders At The Highest Level & He Can Show You How To Dismantle Your Class Mates & Competitors In Just A Few Minutes.

DVD I - Countering Underhook Getup.

01 Near side under series to backhand straight armbar

02 Half guard quarter counter to d'arce

03 Arm in guillotine

04 Arm in guillotine, anaconda, mizzou choke

DVD II - Cow Catcher Series (Part 1).

01 Rnc series

02 Cow catcher to fist choke

03 Half helch series

04 Cradle series and drill

DVD III - Cow Catcher Series (Part 2)

01 Whizzer series

02 Armless d'arce crank

03 Cradle series

04 Cradle to back take

05 Kneebar

DVD IV - Butterfly Cradle Pass Series.

01 Cradle to heel hook

02 Cradle to heel hook

03 Shoulder pin series closed guard

DVD The Folding System Fernando Reis.

DVD: 4 sheets set.


Region: All Region.

Language: English.


1. Knee Shield Tilt Sweep

2. Under Hook Steam Roll From Half Guard

3. Half Guard Log Roll

4. Back Take When Opponent Bases

5. Takedown Counter When Opponent Runs

6. Knee Pick

7. Steam Roller Starting From Deep Half

8. Kettle Bell Sweep

9. Variation Of Kettle Bell Sweep


1. Reverse Half Guard Counter

2. Reverse Half Guard Counter 2

3. Reverse Half Guard Sweep To Leg Drag

4. Reverse Half Guard Sweep

5. Sweep To Mount From Reverse Half Guard

6. Back Take From Reverse Half Guard

7. Kimura From Reverse Half Guard

8. Guillotine From Reverse Half Guard

9. Elbow Push Sweep From Reverse Half Guard


1. Folding Pass Basics

2. Side Jump From Folding Pass

3. Crawl To Mount From Folding Pass

4. Rolling Back Take From Folding Pass

5. Back Take From Folding Pass

6. The Folding Switch

7. Folding Pass To Ezekiel Choke


1. De La Riva Pass

2. Reverse De La Riva Pass

3. Spider Guard Pass

4. Lasso Guard Pass

5. Back Take From Deep Half Guard

6. Butterfly Guard Pass

7. Sit Up Guard Pass

8. Knee Shield Pass

9. Single Leg X Guard

DVD The Lightweight Guard Mateus Gonzaga.

DVD: 2 sheets set.


Region: All Region.

Language: English.


01 Ukemi Sweep From Closed Guard

02 Inverted Knee Bar From Closed Guard

03 Double Under Counter Roll

04 Counter To De La Riva Pass

05 De La Riva Lasso Sweep

06 De La Riva Lasso Omaplata

07 Superman Sweep To Straight Footlock

08 Inverted Torreando Backtake

09 Knee Assisted Elbow Lock From Open Guard

10 De La Riva Backtake From Scramble


11 Sumi Sweep From Lasso

12 5 Hole Backtake From Closed Guard

13 Trick To Stop Torreando

14 Elbow Lock From Overhook

15 Omaplata from Overhook

16 Alternate Arm Omaplata Finish

17 Spider Guard Sweep From Closed Guard

18 Double Under Counter

19 Fireman’s Counter To Torreando

20 Knee Cut Counter

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BULL TERRIER Jiu jitsu-Fighter 12inch Figure Available.


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The movable action figure (12inch 1/6) is now available in BULL TERRIER.

You would keep the action figures for display and you could use them when you carry out simulation of technique for jiujitsu and teach skill.

BULL TERRIER Jiu jitsu-Fighter 12inch Figure White.

BULL TERRIER Jiu jitsu-Fighter 12inch Figure Blue.

BULL TERRIER Jiu jitsu-Fighter 12inch Figure Black.


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Training Ball available, COMBAT X TRAINER Kids arrived today.

Combat X Training Ball Kids.

Type: Training Ball for Kids

Color: Black

Material: PVC

Size: 45 cm

Weight: 3.5 kg

GAMES. Our Kids CXT System has been created for 6-12year olds who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu*. We focus on play, and aim to develop Brazilian Jiu Jitsu essentials incidentally. The system is comprised of Games, Balance Drills and Movement Fundamentals (outlined below). *A spotter is recommended for all of the techniques and drills in the Kids CXT System

BALANCE DRILLS. Another invisible, but essential component of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is balance. Being aware of your Centre of Gravity (COG) is essential to staying in top position. The multi-directional instability of the CXT requires continuous, small adjustments to be made by our kids.

MOVEMENT FUNDAMENTALS. Unlike our adults CXT System which is centred around flow rolling, drilling and conditioning, we only focus on a handful of movements with our kids. There are several basic movements which are the building blocks of advanced techniques (hip switches, sitouts, gramby roll etc.). We aim at refining these basic movements and make them second nature.

Instructions DVD. 1 CXT System DVD. 3 Phase Training System. Beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques. Bonus Jeff Glover drillsProduct Specifications. 2 CXT Workout DVD. Grappling Workout (10mins). MMA Workout (5mins x3). Solo drills breakdown. Feat. Cobrinha and Jeff Glover. PV image here.


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From BULLTERRIER the New Brand DURO Arrived.

The New Brand DURO are available in Jiu Jitsu Gi, T-Shirt and Cap.

Dont miss it.!!!


Simple and timeless design.

550 grm Bull Tech weave fabric with a sense of profoundness, Pants and collar are ripstop specifications.

Preliminary belt loop cord with which you can change according to your preference.

DURO Jiu Jitsu Gi # 1.0 Blue.

DURO Jiu Jitsu Gi # 1.0 Black.

DURO T-Shirts SIDE LOGO Black.

DURO Cap SYMBOL Black/Gold.


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