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From America DVD The Battle Tested Half-Guard by Bernardo Faria (4 DVD Set),DVD The Coyote Half Guard by Lucas Leite (4 DVD Set) Available..!


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DVD The Battle Tested Half-Guard by Bernardo Faria (4 DVD Set)

Bernardo likes to pull into half guard – which is very easy to get to against almost any opponent: they are happy to give it to you, they figure they are halfway past your guard! What they don’t realize is that they are also halfway swept.

This isn’t an area where most BJJ guys spend a ton of time, so if you practice his system you will have a huge advantage over your opponent who doesn’t – regardless of his athletic ability or rank.

Contents of contents:


How To Pull Half Guard.

Fake Single To Pull Half Guard.

Pulling Half Guard From Knees With Cross Arm.

Pulling Half Guard From Knees.

Single Leg Half Sweep.

Single Leg Half Finishing Options.

Finishing Options From Standing.

Counter To When Opponent Kicks Out Of Single Leg Half.

Lapel Behind The Leg.

Single Leg Sweep When Opponent Has Knee On Chest.

Half Guard Sweep From Knee Cut.


Last Chance Sweep.

Push Him Away From Knee Cut.

Preventing Reverse Half Guard.

Reverse Half Guard Sweep.

Deep Half Guard Setup From Z Guard.

Tips For Getting Deep Half.

Push Away Deep Half Setup.

Faria Sweep.

Breaking Grips During Faria Sweep.

Deep Half To Single Leg.

Deep Half To Half Deep Half.


Turkish Get Up.

Turkish Get Up Against Deep Pass.

Defending The Kimura And Chokes From Deep Half.

Throw Away The Trash When oponent Stands Up.

Guard Recovery And Bridge.

Half Deep Half Guard Sweep.

Half Deep Half Guard Sweep Without Lapel.

Omaplata From Half Guard.

Setting Up Single Of Deep Half When Opponent Switches Base.

Faria Sweep By Lifting OVer The Head.

Guillotine Defense During Single Leg.

Deep Half Guard From Closed Guard.



First Roll Against Fernando Reis.

Second Roll against Michael Zenga.

Thrid Roll Against Mark Berman.

Fourth Roll Against Kyle Misuraca.

Techniques: Bernardo shows his top 31 techniques!

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DVD The Coyote Half Guard by Lucas Leite (4 DVD Set)

You can get Lucas Leite’s Coyote Half Guard in which he reveals all his secrets.

There is a LIMITED supply of these videos! So if you want to ensure your copy, you MUST act now.

Contents of contents:


1.Back Take From Half Guard Under Hook

2. Half Guard To Dogfight Sweep

3. Roll Variation From Dogfight

4. Jump Over Sweep From Dogfight

5. Carry The Baby From Dogfight

6. Rubber Arm Back Take From Dogfight When Opponent Whizzer

7. Superman Punch Sweep From Dogfight

8. Log In The Lake Sweep With Under Hook To Dogfight Variation

9. Sleeve Drag/grip Break To Back

10. Sleeve Punch Back Take

11. Stopping The Knee Slice

12. Opposite Pant Grip From Knee Slice Counter

13. Stopping The Back Step

14. Scissor Grip Rolling Sweep From Half Guard

15. Deep Half To Coyote


1. Introduction

2. Passing To The Back Drill

3. Passing To The Back Drill #2

4. Passing Drill #3

5. Passing Drill #4

6. Passing Drill Chain

7. Back Take From Turtle

8. Back Take From Turtle To Arm Bar

9. Switching Between Arm Bar And Choke From Back Take

10. Retaining Back Control

11. Taking The Back With Top Hook First

12. Back Take From Stack Pass

13. Back Take From Single Leg X


1. Getting To Coyote Half From Shoulder Pressure

2. Getting To Dogfight From Bottom Side Control

3. Half Lasso Sweep

4. Lasso To Deep Half

5. Drill To Improve Coyote Half Guard

6. Back Take From Coyote

7. Pulling Half Guard From Standing

8. Pulling Half Guard To X Guard Sweep

9. Fake Single Leg To Half Guard

10. Escape From Knee On Belly To Half Guard

11. Back Roll Sweep From Half Guard

12. Back Roll Sweep From Knee Shield

13. Counter When Opponent Bases Out On Back Roll Sweep

14. Taking The Back When Opponent Back Steps From Half Guard


1. Pulling Half Guard From The Clinch

2. Knee Twist To Inside Leg Single

3. Chicken Wing Sweep From Half Guard

4. Arm Drag Back Roll Sweep

5. The Bro Handshake Darce Defense

6. The Wiggle Wiggle

7. Carry The Baby Sweep


8. Knee Bar From X Guard

9. 2 On 1 To The Coyote

10. Back Take From Coyote

11. Leg Drag Entry Into Coyote Half Guard

12. Half Guard To X To Calf Crank

13. Back Take Variation Off Missed Calf Crank

14. Over Under Defense To Back Take

15. Back Take From Single Leg X

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