RVCA x Bruce Lee Collaboration Available

RVCA x BRUCE LEE Collaboration Wear Available

This collaboration between RVCA and BRUCE LEE isn't just about celebrating his 80th anniversary and his cultural impact on the brand, it's about highlighting the common philosophy they both have. It has become. The philosophy "THE BALANCE OF OPPOSITES" that RVCA has been advocating since its establishment is the same as the philosophy of "JEET KUNE DO" (Jeet Kune Do) advocated by BRUCE LEE. This idea has had a great influence on various things in the history of RVCA to date. Please pay attention to the collaboration between the two that has finally been realized at this big milestone.


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RVCA ( Bruce Lee ) Hoodie Parka EIGHTY YEARS


RVCA ( Bruce Lee ) Long Sleeve T-Shirt EIGHTY YEARS


RVCA ( Bruce Lee ) T-Shirt EIGHTY YEARS


RVCA ( Bruce Lee ) Tote Bag EIGHTY YEARS


RVCA ( Bruce Lee ) Snapback Cap EIGHTY YEARS


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