BULLTERRIER New Boxing Reflex Ball Available

BULLTERRIER New Training Goods, Boxing Punching Reflex Ball arrived


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BULLTERRIER Boxing Punching Reflex Ball


You can do boxing training at home alone anywhere. It helps improve dynamic vision and reflexes, which are essential for boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts



Boxing reflex ball that was introduced into practice by former boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko and became a hot topic



It seems easy at first glance, but it is very difficult to actually go, so this training is said to be very effective. Introduce high-technique training into your practice, which may be an essential training for boxers as well.



How to wear: Tie the cord attached to the ball to the attached metal fitting according to the length of your arm. Attach the metal fittings to the headband, and attach the headband to your head.


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