HAYABUSA Boxing Gloves T3 Navy/Yellow [hb-797]

HAYABUSA Boxing Gloves T3 Navy/Yellow [hb-797]

Our Selling Price: 18,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 1200g

Manufacturer: Hayabusa Fight Wear

Type: Boxing Glove

Model: T3

Color: Navy / Yellow

The best boxing gloves in the world.
T3s are renowned for their incredible wrist support and hand protection. Designed with you in mind, they offer a customized, secure fit that helps support proper, powerful punches. T3s were built to last using the best materials. Tested and backed by a decade of research, they are the perfect choice for all levels of training. Awarded “Best Boxing Gloves” by Men’s Health Magazine, it’s time to find out why.

Splints support and align your wrist
Multi-layer foam knuckle protection
A perfect, lace-like fit every time without the hassle
Lining that smells fresh for longer using XT2®
Wipe away sweat quickly with the super soft thumb
Highly durable materials and construction

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