BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi Pants Rip Stop White [bjk-767]

BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gi Pants Rip Stop White [bjk-767]

Our Selling Price: 6,000JPY(tax included)

Weight: 1000g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Bull Terrier Fight Gear

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi Pants

Model: Ripstop

Color: White

Material: 10oz ripstop pants

Material: 100% cotton

Processing: 100% Pre-shrunk

Light and durable Rip Stop fabric is used for the material.

The fabric is 100% pre-washed so there is almost no shrinkage due to washing.


A0S size Length 84cm Width 47.5cm Thigh width 24.5cm Inseam 63cm

A0 size Length 86cm Width 48cm Thigh width 24.5cm Inseam 63cm

A0L size Length 91cm Width 47.5cm Thigh width 25cm Inseam 68.5cm

A0W size Length 86.5cm Width 52cm Thigh width 26.5cm Inseam 63.5cm

A1S size Length 89cm Width 49cm Thigh width 25.5cm Inseam 65cm

A1 size Length 91cm Width 50cm Thigh width 26cm Inseam 65cm

A1L size Length 96cm Width 49.5cm Thigh width 26cm Inseam 71.5cm

A1W size Length 92cm Width 55cm Thigh width 28.5cm Inseam 66cm

A2S size Length 94cm Width 53cm Thigh width 27cm Inseam 68cm

A2 size Length 95.5cm Width 55cm Thigh width 27.5cm Inseam 67cm

A2L size Length 101.5cm Width 55cm Thigh width 28cm Inseam 75.5cm

A2W size Length 96.5cm Width 59.5cm Thigh width 30cm Inseam 70cm

A3S size Length 98.5cm Width 56.5cm Thigh width 30cm Inseam 72cm

A3 size Length 100.5cm Width 58cm Thigh width 30.5cm Inseam 72.5cm

A3W size Length 102cm Width 63cm Thigh width 32cm Inseam 74cm

A4 size Length 106.5cm Width 62.5cm Thigh width 32cm Inseam 76cm

Shrinkage rate: about 0.5% or less

Estimated size:

A0 size Height 150 cm-161 cm Weight 44 kg-57 kg

A0L size Height 161cm-172cm Weight 44kg-57kg

A0W size Height 150cm-161cm Weight 58kg-71kg

A1S size Height 156cm-167cm Weight 52kg-65kg

A1 size Height 161cm-172cm Weight 58kg-71kg

A1L size Height 168cm-179cm Weight 58kg-71kg

A1W size Height 161cm-172cm Weight 68kg-81kg

A2S size Height 164cm-175cm Weight 63kg-76kg

A2 size Height 168cm-179cm Weight 68kg-81kg

A2L size Height 177cm-188cm Weight 68kg-81kg

A2W size Height 168cm-179cm Weight 81kg-94kg

A3S size Height 172cm-183cm Weight 72kg-85kg

A3 size Height 177cm-188cm Weight 81kg-94kg

A3W size Height 177cm-188cm Weight 92kg-115kg

A4 size Height 183cm-194cm Weight 92kg-115kg

* S = Small (intermediate size. Example A2S → intermediate size between A1 and A2)

* L = Long (Long size. Example: A1L → A1 width and A2 length)

* W = wide (wide size. Example: A1W → A1 length and A2 width)

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