BAD BOY Jacket X-Train Bonded Black/Gray SALE [ba2-777]

BAD BOY Jacket X-Train Bonded Black/Gray SALE [ba2-777]

Our Selling Price: 8,470JPY(tax included)

Retail Price: 12,100JPY

Weight: 1000g


Item Description

Manufacturer: BAD BOY

Type: Zip Parka

Model: X-Train Bonded

Color: Black / Gray

Material: 100% polyester

Product description from the manufacturer: Lightweight and made to provide warmth.

Water repellent material allows you to focus on performance even in bad weather.
Keeps you warm without compromising breathability.

BAD BOY X-Train series.


S size: Length 73cm / Width 48.5cm / Shoulder width 42.5cm / Sleeve length 68cm
L size: Length 74cm / Width 53cm / Shoulder width 44cm / Sleeve length 69.5cm
XL size: Length 75.5cm / Width 55.5cm / Shoulder width 46cm / Sleeve length 69.5cm
XXL size: Length 78cm / Width 58cm / Shoulder width 68.5cm / Sleeve length 72cm

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