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The berimbolo is one of the most talked about techniques in recent Jiu-Jitsu championships. In issue No. 194, GRACIEMAG readers get a unique opportunity to learn about the technique and all its intricacies straight from Rafael and Guiherme Mendes. With the help of Paulo and Jao Miyao, the quartet details the tricks that symbolize “modern Jiu-Jitsu.”

On the right path

A Q&A with the most photogenic Jiu-Jiu practitioner in the game, Clark Gracie talks winning the Pan 2013 middleweight division and more!

No-Gi: Sweep with leg lock

In GRACIEMAG’s photographic archives, we found this efficient attack from the inverted half guard. Check out the position, step-by-step, demonstrated here by professor Leo Santos.

2013 Pan: Still the king of California

At the 2013 Pans, Marcus Buchecha holds sway over the of competitive Jiu-Jitsu after an epic battle with Andre Galvao. Read about the absolute champion’s win in California, as well as notes about Gabi Garcia, Clark Gracie and UFC champ Benson Henderson’s performance in the brown belt ranks.

One FC: 21 And over

In his win of the One FC lightweight title, Shinya Aoki did something few have done in mixed martial arts. Read about his accomplishment in GRACIEMAG No. 194

GRACIEMAG Association (GMA)

All the latest updates on our members from all around the world.


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