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In issue No. 195 of GRACIEMAG, readers will get a great opportunity to learn about the path of the consensus No. 1 brown belt on the planet, Keenan Cornelius. The pages of this month’s issue detail the Atos athlete’s training routine, competitive mindset and technique of Jiu-Jitsu’s most promising competitor. The “phenomenon” opened up to us so we can showcase what he has for you.

Absolutely motivated

Learn about how the Brazilian Nationals openweight champion, Rafael Lovato Jr., inspires himself to keep training hard.

Choke MMA: Trim, Slim, Ready to Win

Once depressed and weighing close to the UFC heavyweight limit, Mark Munoz opens up to GRACIEMAG about his tough times and explains his excitement in returning to the Octagon.

Explosive Reunion

Marcus Buchecha and Rodolfo Viera met again, this time at the 2013 WPJJC. In a battle won by Buchecha, the two black belts reveal why they’re the main icons of today’s competitive Jiu-Jitsu. This article breaks down the reasons.

Training Program: Offensive Open Guard

Leandro Lo teaches four efficient attacks from the open guard. After reading this article, invite the most untamable guard passers to train and take them for a test drive.

GRACIEMAG Association (GMA)

All the latest updates on our members from all around the world.


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To be held once every two years under IBJJF (with support of BJJFJ) - Asian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2012
Strongest competitiors within Japan as well as famous fighters from overseas like JT Torres, Miyai Bros, Abmar Borbosa etc...


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The 2013 Pan Jiu-jitsu Championship features the following finals matches:

Men's Blackbelt Finals

1. Rooster: Bruno Malfacine vs Caio Terra

2. Light Feather: Laercio Fernandes vs Guilherme Mendes

3. Feather: Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles vs Rafael Mendes

4. Light: Michael Langhi vs Lucas Lepri

5. Middle: Clark Gracie Vs Marcelo Mafra

6. Med Heavy: Gustavo Campos vs Andre Galvao

7. Heavy: Roberto "Tussa" Alencar vs Nivaldo Oliveira

8. Super Heavy: Leonardo Nogueira vs Gabriel Vella

9. Ultra Heavy: Alexander Trans vs Marcus Almeida

10. Open: Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida vs Andre Galvao

Women's Blackbelt Finals

1. Light Feather: Miriam Cardoso vs Sofia Amarante

2. Feather: Mackenzie Dern vs Luiza Monteiro

3. Light: Carolina Vidal vs Beatriz Mesquita

4. Medium: Vennesa Oliveira vs Thaysa Silva

5. Med Heavy: Luzia Fernandes vs Talita Nogueira

6. Heavy: Gabrielle Garcia vs Andresa Correa

7. Open: Gabrielle Garcia vs Beatriz Mesquita

Includes commentary by Shawn Williams, Caleb, & Budo Jake. Bonus: Includes an episode of This Week in BJJ focusing on the Pan 2013 tournament includes technique instruction by Shawn Williams.


Rolled Up - the show where Budo Jake visits various academies and interviews, learns techniques, and spars with some of the biggest names in Jiu-jitsu.

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