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Shopping Guide
How to Shop
1. Select the item you wish to purchase.
Click [Add to Cart] to put the item into your shopping cart.
2. Go to Checkout.
Click [Checkout] to view the items in your shopping cart.
3. Checkout
Enter your information and shipping address, and select a payment option following the instructions.
4. Receive an order receipt email.
You will receive a confirmation email. Please be sure to check the details of your order.
5. Receive the items you ordered.
Shipping Methods and Costs
EMS/SAL Overseas

Area List
Shipping is free if the total amount for each destination is more than 30,000JPY.
You cannot appoint a delivery date and time.
Shipping Cost may vary depending on item.
Cash in delivery in Japan (Flat Charge: 500JPY)
Shipping is 500JPY all over Japan.
If you choose to pay in delivery, 250JPY extra handling fee will be charged.

Free shipping (500JPY) in Japan for purchase over 10,000JPY.
Bill amount will be adjusted after order confirmation.
Pre-Paid in Japan (Flat Charge: 500JPY)
Shipment will be arranged 1 day after payment is confirmed.

Free shipping in Japan for purchase over 10,000JPY.
Bill amount will be adjusted after order confirmation.
Tax-inclusive price
All products shown in this website included ONLY consumption tax inside Japan.
All overseas order might be charged for extra customs taxes and consumption tax subjected to customer's government laws.
Bull Terrier Fighter's Shop (Bull Terrier Co. ltd) does not responsible for any custom taxes or overseas consumption taxes.
Payment Method
Select from the following options.
Bank Transfer
Paying Bank: THE HAMAMATSU SHINKIN BANK UEMATSU Branch 1464-1 Uematsu-cho Higashi-ku Hamamatsu Shizuoka Japan
Banking Account (normal): Ordinary Savings Account
Account number: 0726587
Registered Name: Mundinero Co ltd

Bank: ゆうちょ銀行
Branch: 12390
Account Type: Ordinary Savings Account
Account #: 36948221
Name: カ)ムンディネロ
You can make a payment to the carrier at the time the order is delivered.
COD handling fee is 250JPY.

Cash/Card in delivery
250JPY will be charged in bill as handling payment. All flat-rated in Japan.
Credit cards accepted via PayPal.
If you go to the last step and fail to process the credit card payment by Paypal, we will send you payment link in the order confirmation email. Please do not place the order again because the order has already gone through to our system without the payment.
We will process your order as soon as possible and send you email confirmation.
If you fail to clear the payment through Paypal, please feel free to contact us at info@btfightgear.com
We will send you a secured link for credit card payment.
*This coupon can not be used in the same time with any other discount.
*Only for retailer.
*One user as well as one shipping address can only use once.
*Current coupon only valid until 15th Jan, 2015.
*Coupon code will be available to insert in step.4 on the check-out cart.
BT Crew Point
As a member of BT Crew, you enjoy instant points equal to 300JPY in your first purchase and 3% reward of each of your purchase for your next order.
The points is valid within 1 year it issued.
Every person should only register one time to enjoy the instant point. Any suspected registration might fail to process the shipment.
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